Rant & Roar: Sea Shanties Never Sounded So Good
If you like Sea Shanties, Tom Lewis, or Great Big Sea, you'll love Rant and Roar.

Press & Interviews

The debut album of the legendary band is now available with easy ways to buy: CDBaby.com, and download via the iTunes Music Store.

What's being said about Rant and Roar's “Bucket of Guts” CD

“Armed with only Drum and Mandolin, Rant and Roar delivers these ancient songs of the sea with the energy of a rock band.”

“Bought it for my dad....kept it for myself.”

"No fancy Broadway pirate music here. Rant and Roar may just be channeling the voices of the dead."

"You'll believe the mandolin is a real instrument!"

"What Pirate music should sound like, rough with attitude, but also style.
I was looking for a band that had the sound remeniscent of what you might hear if you were on a ship with pirates or in a pirate pub and this CD was the closest thing I found on the internet. I love it."

"I can't stop playing it, somebody help me!"

The Rant and Roar GUARANTEE

Tired of that life draining, dead end job of yours? Then simply buy the Rant and Roar CD “Bucket of Guts” and 2 Quarts of Rum... and you’ll be fired within a week.

One Final Thought

Just as the Scots used the sound of bagpipes to harden their hearts before raging into battle, use this CD on your way to work, class, or any event where you could use a "BUCKET OF GUTS."

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