Rant & Roar: Sea Shanties Never Sounded So Good
If you like Sea Shanties, Tom Lewis, or Great Big Sea, you'll love Rant and Roar.
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Rant and Roar: Bucket of Guts Volume 1 is out!

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Armed with only Drum and Mandolin, Rant and Roar delivers ancient songs of the sea with the energy of a rockband. This music will energize and reinvigorate your soul. Grab some Grog, ale, whiskey, or anything with alcohol in it- and get bunch of friends and belt out some tunes with Rant and Roar. These are songs made by men, for manly men, to sing while they fight to get a living from the sea.

So, gather 'round me brothers, forget this world for awhile and step into ours. We'll play you songs of the heart and courage. Written long, long ago by stong, hard drinking men of the sea.

Below you'll find a track listing of Bucket of Guts Vol. 1, with streaming samples of some of the tracks. You can listen to the samples using any program capable of playing mp3 files, like iTunes or Windows Media Player. Remember, you can also hear 30 second samples of every track on the iTunes music store.

  1. Yo Ho Ho
  2. Banks of Newfoundland
  3. Roll Bullies Roll
  4. The Boys of Killybegs
  5. Maggie May
  6. Blow the Man Down
  7. Home From the Sea
  8. Sailor's Prayer
  9. Maddie Grove
  10. Patty West
  11. Donegal Danny
  12. Rant and Roar
  13. Windy Ol' Weather
  14. Capecod Girls
  15. While Cruisin' Round Yarmouth
  16. Hangin'Johnny
  17. Paddy on the Railway
  18. Clear the Track
  19. Moke
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